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Dog Sunglasses Goggles, UV Protection Wind Protection Dust Protection Fog Protection Pet Glasses

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Our Dog Sunglasses Goggles are the perfect way to protect your pup's eyes from the elements! With UV Protection, Wind Protection, Dust Protection, and Fog Protection, these glasses are the perfect way to keep your pup's vision safe and clear. They are made of a durable and lightweight material, making them comfortable and easy to wear. The adjustable elastic band ensures a snug fit and the anti-fog lenses provide clear vision in all conditions. The Dog Sunglasses Goggles are the perfect way to keep your pup's eyes safe and healthy.


  • Target Species - Dog
  • Size - Large
  • Breed Recommendation - Large Breeds
  • Material - Polycarbonate

About this item:

  • Breathable Mesh: Allows air to pass through and moisture to escape to reduce fogging, and water to escape after a swim.
  • Spherical Lens: Provides an improved field of view, optical clarity, a wider peripheral vision, and ample room for ventilation and whiskers.
  • Durable Frame: Holds up to the wear and tear you can expect from the most active dogs.
  • Impact Resistant: Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and designed to protect against larger objects that can cause blunt eye trauma and fine particles that can irritate eyes.
  • Strap System: The fully adjustable strap system is easy to adjust, allows for increased stability and a full range of motion, and can be tailored-fit to any dog.

Size Chart (inches) - 

Size Head Muzzle
XS 10.5 6
S 10.5 -12 6-8
M 12- 14 8-9
L 14 -17.5 9-11.5
XL 17.5 11.5