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About Us

Did you know that 85 MILLION families in the USA have a pet in their home? This statistic was reported in a recent article by the Insurance Information Institution (III). Given the size of the US population today, that translates to a staggering 26% of all citizens having a kind, encouraging companion they call family. Additionally, this statistic is absurdly higher than the population of Canada

Our Story

Now, as you are aware of the numbers let me tell you the importance of these statistics. Ever since the founder of Paw Print Pad, ever since his childhood, Rayon had fond memories of his pets. His love for pups and cats always used to mesmerize people around him.

With such a loss in his early childhood, it was not easy for Rayon to become so mature about things. But he grew up with a vision to make a better world for all pets. For Rayon the importance of pets is on the next level and hence he started this online store called Paw Print Pad.

What We Do?

With a lot of care and attention for all pets and their owners, we started this website providing every single detailed information and product in our list to sustain a clean and happy life for the pets and the owners.

Every product is best designed keeping in mind the interest and comfort of pets, that’s why we offer our customers the best and most affordable pet products. We know how happy the addition of any pet in your life can be, As these pets are truly a privilege for humans to have.

A Little More by Rayon

A famous quote and our founder’s favorite quote say SOMETIMES THE BEST CURE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM PETS, this completely shows what Paw Print Pad wants to say to their customers.

What You Will Experience

The easy-going experience on your website will help you stick to it and get something special for your pet. With a lot of options like toys, apparel, cleaning, feeding, and other accessories easily available on our website you will not walk off empty hand. And quality products with quality service will make you stay connected with us in the longer run.

For an even better idea of what we do and to ask any questions feel free to reach out to us on

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