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Dog Grooming Hammock,Dog Grooming Supplies, Claw Care

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The Dog Grooming Hammock is the perfect tool for keeping your pet comfortable and clean. This hammock is designed with high-quality, durable material to provide the best support for your pet and help keep him or her in the proper position while you groom. It also comes with adjustable straps and a non-slip base to ensure stability. The easy-to-clean design makes it simple to keep your pet looking and feeling great. The Dog Grooming Supplies also come with a Dog Hammock, Dog Grooming Harness, Pet Grooming Hammock, and a Grooming Table to make your grooming experience even easier. The Dog Nail Clippers and Dogs Cats Grooming Claw Care will help to keep your pet’s nails trimmed and groomed quickly and easily. With all of these supplies, you can keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Size Details:
  • S-Max Load 30LBS,Leg spacing: 6 inches-8.9 inches
  • S-Max Load 30LBS, Leg spacing: 8 inches-9.8 inches
  • M-Max Load 50LBS, Leg spacing: 9.8 inches-12.8 inches
  • L-Max Load 80LBS, Leg spacing: 12.8 inches-16inches

About this item:

  • [Home grooming kit for pets] this is a perfect invention for those who have dogs/cats in the family. it includes a dog grooming hammock, a dog nail clipper, and a pet nail file .this kit allows you to cut your pet’s nails, trim hair, apply topical medicines, and groom your pet at home easily. this is a super cost-effective pet grooming tool kit.
  • [Helping pets overcome fears] if your dog hates nail trimming or nail grinding, use this dog hammock for grooming. you can restrain him effortlessly, do his nail trimming, hair grooming, bathing, and many more jobs easily with half the effort and twice the success! this dog grooming hammock can help dogs be at ease and calmly watch you work. it would help if you never fought with your pet for nail trimming again.
  • [Simple and convenient to use] put the dog's legs into the holes, clearly marked front and rear; then use the hooks to hang the hammock off the ground. if your dog feels nervous for the first time, try snacks to soothe him. he will calm down quickly and have minimal difficulty. when your dog gets used to the hammock, she will enjoy it.
  • [Professional nail clippers and file] our nail clippers are recommended by many professional pet groomers. this pair of nail clippers is professionally made with a safeguarded blade, which can prevent you from the risk of over-cutting and causing damage to your pet’s nails. meanwhile, the kit is also equipped with a file, which can file the trimmed nails more round and smooth. most groomers and veterinary clinics like to use our tool set.
  • [Suitable for various sizes of dogs] the dog grooming sling hammock has four sizes for you to choose from, large, medium, small, and extra small. no matter what breed your dog is, you can find the corresponding size. it’s suitable for any dog under 80 pounds. if you bought the wrong size or have any other issues, our 24-hour tailored service will work to make it right until you are satisfied.