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Portable Eco Friendly Gel Lint Roller

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Color: Green

This Portable Eco-Friendly Gel Lint Roller is a compact, durable solution for removing pet hair and debris from clothing and furniture. Lightweight and portable, it features a washable, detachable body for easy maintenance, and is eco-friendly, reducing reliance on disposable products.


  • Compact Design: 68mm, 3.46 ounces for easy portability
  • Versatile Use: Removes pet fur and debris from clothes, furniture, and interiors
  • Fabric Friendly: Safe for use on skin and various fabrics
  • Water Repellent: Smooth layer forms upon contact with water for simple maintenance
  • Durability: Built to last up to ten years with normal use
  • Maintenance: Detachable, washable clear body for hassle-free cleaning
  • Aesthetics: A sophisticated color mix enhances personal style
  • Environmental Consideration: Reusable, reducing waste from disposable products
  • Size and Weight: Small and lightweight for storage and transport convenience
Product Details:

Light and Easy to Carry
Experience the ease of this elegantly crafted lint remover that's as light as it is portable. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, whether before a meeting or during your travels, it keeps your garments looking their best. Enjoy the simplicity of travel-ready, efficient cleaning.
Easy to Clean
This lint roller's innovative construction is not only effective for collecting unwanted lint and hair but also offers a straightforward cleaning process. A swift wash under running water restores its cleaning capabilities, ensuring it's always prepared for the day's tasks. With its reusable and enduring design, it becomes essential for everyday upkeep.

Cherish Your Pets - Minus the Fur!
Relish in hassle-free tidying as pet hair on attire is quickly taken care of, giving you extra time for relaxing snuggles on the sofa.