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3 Ways To Display Your Paw Print Pad

3 Ways To Display Your Paw Print Pad

Paw Print Pad allows you to forever capture your furry friend’s paw prints. It's easy, clean and mess-free. This makes for the perfect memento and gift! Below are some design options that could help spark some ideas on how to display your companion.

Paw Print Pad

1. Create a gallery wall 

Gallery walls are amazing at displaying your loved ones in an aesthetically pleasing and modern way. Placing your Paw Print Pad can look great and be the perfect addition to your collection. 

2. Lean the photo against the wall or as a stand-alone on your wall

Photo placement is crucial in transforming your space. Ensuring the photo is placed at the right height can be the key to creating a pleasing interior. Below are tips to ensure your Paw Print Pad is displayed correctly:

  • Make sure the picture is placed at eye level
  • Tall walls and ceilings should be placed a little bit higher than at eye level
  • Seated areas require pictures to be placed at eye level when seated
3. Make a scrapbook 

Creating a scrapbook can be a great way to forever remember your furry friends. With the addition of pictures and other keepsakes, Paw Print Pad will look and fit nicely next to those. You can even paw print your pet over the years to track the growth.

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 Paw Print Pad

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