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Survey Says! Here Are Our Colleagues Favorite Dog Breeds!

Survey Says! Here Are Our Colleagues Favorite Dog Breeds!

Recently, we took to our office to have a little fun in the workplace. We aimed to enlighten the mood of the entire office, and in turn, maintain a happier environment. Last Thursday, we casually slipped all employees a polling slip with various breeds of dogs to see which one was the census favorite. Having planned strategically, we gave our colleagues ten unique options to choose from, including an “Other” section if their favorite companion wasn’t listed. After about two days we were able to compile everyone’s picks together and report our winners. Our decision for the “winners” was the top five breeds amongst our peer’s votes. After some time crunching the numbers, we have reached the point of release. 

Today, I will disseminate the winners of our friendly vote. Of the breeds, our five winners will be highlighted here, including the percentage of votes they pulled. Needless to say, all dogs are a beautiful symbol of life. All dog-owners around our office & the world are privileged to have such a blessing in our lives, and a companion to share all of our greatest adventures with. Dog-lovers stay tuned, your favorite breed may just be listed here!


1. Golden Retriever

Coming in at our number one spot is the community favorite, Golden Retriever. These beautiful beings are one of the friendliest dogs known to man and are sure to give you all the warmth & cuddles you need to get through the day. These adorable pups retain their cuteness throughout their lifespan and will leave everlasting memories imprinted in your heart! Watching them grow into the big teddy bears they become is one of the most spectacular feelings in the world, and our office definitely agrees. Racking in 39% of all votes, the Golden Retriever won by a country mile, and the loveliness of these pups shows just how much they deserve the win. Congrats to our number one spot, and our survey winner!


2. German Shepherd

Placing second in our gentleman’s contest is the world-renowned German Shepherd. These gorgeous dogs grow to become large protectors with an adorable soft side for their companions. The beautiful German native breed has a luscious coat of fur that changes color throughout the year. Being as agile as they are, these pups have the ability to work harder than any breed on the planet. That’s why these dogs are so well known in Police/K-9 Unit settings. The overall sight of a German Shepherd is something everyone should experience. The love and support these guys have for their family is unmatched and will stay that way forever! Although they did not place number one on this list, they reeled in a solid 21% of votes from our colleagues!


3. Siberian Husky

Wow! The Siberian Husky is one of the most gorgeous dog breeds known to man (Just look at the photo above!). With glowing blue eyes and a snow-matching coat of fur, these dogs have adapted greatly to the Winter temperatures of Siberia. These pups grow up to be very large in size and maintain their fantastic grey/white coat throughout their lives. Similar to the German Shepherd, this breed of dog works as hard as it possibly can, and is often recognized for its sled dog travel abilities. The husky breed is well-known for being alert and protective of its caregivers, but also shows a wonderful compassionate side with those it loves most! The thick luxurious coat combined with fantastic colors and their striking blue eyes makes these dogs a favorite amongst all dog-lovers. Of our fellow employees, the husky pulled 11% of votes and claims the number three spot on the throne.


4. Border Collie

Look at all the cuteness our number four spot has to offer! That smile says it all, these dogs truly deserve a spot on this list. These pups are well-known for their intelligence and their ability to be trained with ease. Countless dog show competitions have featured Border Collies as owners can befriend their companions so easily. These energetic dogs come in a variety of natural fur colors and grow to become mid-sized pups, much smaller than the ones listed above. Herding is a natural instinct for this breed, and they’ve been known to excel in this field since their beginnings. Unfortunately, this breed fell JUST short of 3rd place with 10% of the votes in its name. However, this dog is still one that is loved by many and one of the most popular breeds in the world!


5. Pomeranian

The final member of the Winners Club is arguably the cutest dog breed known to man, the Pomeranian. Filled with nothing but hearts of joy and pure love, these dogs are quick to become your new best friend! The Polish native breed is one of many “toy” dog breeds, with a rather small size throughout its lifespan. These friendly and affectionate dogs will be there for you whenever you need, and keeps you company all day long! The puffy fur coat of these dogs combined with the adorable face & smile of these dogs is enough to make me want to buy one right now. Overall, they raked in 7% of total votes, claiming our final winner spot.


Overall, the five dogs mentioned above made up 88% of our total votes, leaving only 12%. 6 percent of that went to the Other category, while the remaining 6 was split up in small percentages with the remaining breeds. 

So it’s settled! Our office’s favorite dog is the Golden Retriever, with the other four options claiming the top 5 spots. We had a blast completing this fun-filled activity and we hope you enjoyed our results! Dogs are an animal that will forever own a spot in your heart. The love, support, compassion, and cuteness we get from these animals is something entirely special that we all are endlessly grateful to have experienced!


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