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Benefits and Usage of The Paw Print Pad

Benefits and Usage of The Paw Print Pad

Are you and your furry friend inseparable and wish to make lifelong memories together? Well we have the perfect suggestion for you! Why not try out the all new Paw Print Pad and share a special bonding experience with your beloved pet. You can create a print in the many different colors that we offer and it is incredibly easy to use and did we mention that it is mess free? In this blog post we will be discussing the many benefits and instructions that will ultimately have you convinced that the Paw Print Pad is a must have!

How to Use It?

The Paw Print Pad will help you to capture those once in a lifetime memories of your furry best friend. It is so easy to use as all it requires is a simple press! Let us now walk you through the steps that will help you make your paw printing experience as effective as possible! 

Step 1: Clean the Paw

Start off by cleaning your pet’s paw with a washcloth or washing it.  We want to make sure that the surface is as clean as possible with no external factors which may cause the print to not turn out as pigmented and clear.  

Step 2: Choose the Right Size 

The Paw Print Pads come in two different sizes to choose from. The Regular Size Paw Print Pad: 3.75" H x 2.25" W (9.5cm x 5.7cm) is ideal for your average sized cats and dogs and then the Plus Size Paw Print Pad: 4.725" H x 2.95" W (12cm x 7.5cm), is more suitable for your larger pets.  Having the right pad make the entire print turn out much better as there will be much room to utilise and will not leave your pet and yourself working a cramped pad.  

Step 3: Have Everything Prepared

After selecting your size, you will then have to remove everything that was included within the packaging and place it somewhere to increase efficiency and convenience.  The product comes with a set of cards that you will be using to imprint your pet’s paw on.  Have the card out and ready to go and set it on the floor. 

Step 4: Help Your Pet Make Their Imprint

Place your ink pad in a way that the ink side is faced down on the white imprint card that was included with your purchase.  Now for the fun part! After everything is good to go, you will then have to hold your pet’s paw and press it on the clean touch ink pad.  Make sure you press down firmly enough, so that it ensures that the print comes out as clear as possible.  

Step 5: Remove The Ink Pad

After you are satisfied with the paw press, then simply help your pet step off the pad and this will reveal a clean paw and no mess being created!  After your pet runs off and goes back to having fun, you will then slowly and easily remove the ink pad off the card to reveal a gorgeous paw print!  

Step 6: Let Dry

After the imprint is completed, we suggest you let the card dry for a day or two and then you will be ready to use your paw printed card in any way you like! This will make a great memory piece to remind you of the time you and your pet spent together!  


The Paw Print Pads are ideal for dogs and cats and will help you to produce a clear and pigmented paw print which will make an amazing keepsake for the many years to come! This can be a way for your pet to provide their very own autograph!  It is quite evident that according to the instructions the Paw Print Peds are extremely easy to use.  They are mess free and will help you create everlasting memories together! It is so important that you are taking care of your pets by keeping them away from any harmful toxins.  Having your pet’s paw not touch the ink pet will keep them safe and healthy.  Plus it will also save you from the stress of cleaning your pet’s paw and ruining the floor if they were to run away.  With the Paw Print Pad, you no longer need to worry about them licking their paw with the remnants of the ink still on it or the possibility that they might ingest it!


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