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Creative Places To Place Your Paw Print Pad

Creative Places To Place Your Paw Print Pad

Do you have a close bond with your pet and want to make everlasting memories together? Well we have the perfect idea for you! With the help of the Paw Print Pad, you will be able to Capture those once in a lifetime moments of your fur baby's prints forever! It's easy, clean and mess free. One press is all you need! This could even make an amazing present and is available in 4 colors and 2 sizes. In this blog post we will be discussing the many creative places that you can place your Paw Print Pad and add a personalized touch to your decor! 

Framed Wall Art

The Paw Print Pad will make a great addition to your wall art collection and will help bring your room together!  The Regular Size Paw Print Pad is 3.75" H x 2.25" W (9.5cm x 5.7cm) and the Plus Size Paw Print Pad is 4.725" H x 2.95" W (12cm x 7.5cm), so this will help you find a frame that will have your Paw Print Pad sitting all secured and snug so it is preserved and doesn't get ruined.  Framing your Paw Print Pad will be a creative way to decorate your home and remind yourself how much you love your furry friend whenever you look at the framed pad.  

Temporary Tattoo

Another creative place to place your Paw Print Pad would be on your body.  This Paw Print Pad set will also allow you to do temporary body tattoos, you make an imprint of your pet’s paw on your arm or wherever you wish this will act as a temporary tattoo, rather than the pad provided. A temporary tattoo will act as a great reminder of how your pet dog and cat are always with you no matter how far you guys are from each other.  In the future this can also be a great example of a reference to use when you decide to be bold and get a tattoo of your pet’s paw that is permanent. 

Decorate Decor Around the House!

The third creative place to place your Paw Print Pad is on your pillows and other pieces of fabric such as blankets!  You can simply use the Paw Print Pad to make paw prints on pillows for a unique touch and help spice up your decor. This opens up so many doors for creativity and helps you to think outside of the box in terms of what can be the creative places around the house that you can place the paw print pad! Imprinting a blanket or pillow will also make a great present or gift idea to give to a loved one so they can carry their furry friend with them everywhere they go!


Lastly cards are also a great option and can make an amazing creative outlet for you to utilize your Paw Print Pads. Creating greeting cards or birthday cards for your furry friends will be a unique way to get your message across and make a memorable impression on your peers and family.  Later you can even feel free to keep the card that you created and have it displayed in your house as a memory token that will hold special memories as the years go by.  

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