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How To Use Paw Print Pads

How To Use Paw Print Pads

Introducing our Paw Print Pad! The perfect way to capture your furry babies paw print forever. Our pad kit is quick and easy to use and will have a frameable paw print done in seconds! This is the perfect way to remember your cat or dog in a simple way. You can use these as memories, in cards, scrapbooks, photobooks, or even hang it up on your wall. Your furry friend is part of your family and it's always important to keep memories of them around the house. In this blog post, we will quickly explain how the paw print pad works so you can get to saving those memories ASAP.

It’s good to know that our Paw Print Pad is mess free! Sometimes when keeping a memory of a pet’s paw, many will turn to using real paint and paper. This leaves such a MESS because it's so hard to remove the paint from your dogs when all they want to do is run away. Instead, we provide you with a paint-free way of getting your pets paw print. We use oil-based ink that sits under a film on which your pet can step on. Once you pick up there paw, there is no messy only a printed paw on a white card.

Here are steps to follow:

  1. To start, make sure to order the correct dimensions for your pet. If you have a large pet, we recommend using the Plus Size Paw Print ( 4.725" H x 2.95" W (12cm x 7.5cm)). If you have a small pet, we recommend using the Regular Size Paw Print Pad ( 3.75" H x 2.25" W (9.5cm x 5.7cm)). This way there will be room for your pet’s paw to fit comfortably.

  2. We recommend gently wiping or washing your pet’s paws before letting them step on the pad. 

  3. Put the paw print pad on one of the included cards and set it on the floor.

  4. Hold your pet’s paw and help them to step down in the center of the pod to transfer the print of their paw on to the card. When they step on the pad their paw print will be imprinted with the ink onto the card. 

  5. Once they step off the pad, their paw will be clean and they're ready to go back to play!

  6. Since there is no mess or paint to clean up, you are ready to use your paw printed card in any art piece, card, or picture frame.

See how easy that was? Our Paw Print Pads are suitable for all cats and dogs and will produce a clear and detailed printing of your pet’s paw. We recommend putting these into frames if you want to keep the memory of your pet and preserve the card and the ink to its maximum. Our ink also does not smear so you are free to use it in any arts and crafts or on its own! 

If you're ready to get a Paw Print Pad Kit click here to shop for your own! We offer two sizes – Regular and Plus. We also offer four ink colors - black, pink, blue, green. Choose the color that best fits your pet. We hope you have fun creating a  memorable piece of your pet. We can't wait to see what you create with our Print Pads.


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