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Dog Life Jacket, Neoprene Dog Life Vest For Swimming And Boating - Red

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Style: Red
Size: XS

Are you looking for the best travel outfit for your dog? Then try this Neoprene Dog Life Vest For Swimming And Boating. The vest is designed to provide buoyancy and support to your dog, allowing them to swim and enjoy water activities with ease. The detailing on the vest also ensures maximum visibility in low-light conditions, keeping your furry friend safe and visible at all times. This jacket ensures their safety and comfort in all your water adventures!


  • Fido Pet Products-Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket
  • Pet Life Jackets And Designer Pet Life Jackets Provide Ultimate Buoyancy And High Visibility To Keep Pets Safe In Or Around The Water
  • Constructed To Provide Buoyancy Along With A Cozy Secure Fit The Pet Life Jackets Features
  • This Package Contains One Doggy Life Jacket
  • Target Species: Dog
  • Special Feature: Reflective
  • Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

Size Chart:

Size Weight Body Girth
- 10-14
X- Small
- 14-18
15-20 lbs 18-27
15-20 lbs 18-27
- 27-38
X- Large - 38+